Millennium Falcon Pro (Large Set) Holiday Special

Millennium Falcon Pro (Large Set) Holiday Special

$500.00 $333.00

Millennium Falcon Pro Star Wars Set comes with (One Large Millennium Falcon and your Choice of 3 Star Wars EMF protectors. Each Millennium Falcon lights up with BMW 6 series Led Light Kit and the Custom Payson Diamond, gun turrets Glow an electric Blue. The ultimate present for my fellow Jedi. The shungite Base is Magnetized and Powered by High Powered Neodium Magnets. Layers of Titanium, brass and Steel also aid in the magnetic layer. Perfect for canceling out Negative EMF frequencies or balancing the field for those very sensitive to frequency. Each device comes with a remote and power supply to make your experience as diverse as your energetic mood:) For more information on Orgonite or how I create the various crystal frequencies crushing each dynamic substance into nano power then Reactivating it inside of a piezoelectric device check out

"The New Upgrades all have Aqua Aura and Angel Quartz Crystals to Activate your Angelic Shield. I am the only one on Earth with this Combination made here in Sedona Arizona."