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    The 24Kt Gold Giza is one of a Kind. It has a Plasma Core which Generates its own Energetic Field similar to the Keshe Engine. Each Pyramid Allows its user the ability to Astral Travel in a more Efficient manner. It also implements the Aqua Aura, Angel Quartz combo inside which creates the 13D Angelic Shield around your Bed or Meditation area. The Premium Package comes with One Large Capstone, 4 copper corner pieces, one grounding cable, and 4 small pyramids to grid your home or Sacred Space. The Capstone was Created for you to simply attach the poles to the inserts which are provided. The 3/4 inch 10ft Poles can be purchased at your local hardware store. I suggest this since it is much cheaper to pick up your own then for me to ship them to you:)  You will need 8 10ft 3/4 Inch Copper poles. The 4 Base poles leave at 10ft. The 4 vertical poles you will need a small pipe cutter usually costs $10 to cut six inches off each of the 4 vertical poles. After that you simply plug and Play:) Any Questions on this Product feel free to contact me at rion@teamlight.com and I will guide you through the set up. 

    This Pyramid also comes with duel BMW 6 series LED lights and a remote so you can set the mood for any situation. The pulse of the Led can also be ran through the 12 sided star Tetrahedron magnetic core which can modulate the speed you would like to travel at. Simply one of the best meditation tools on Earth, made here in the Spiritual Capital of the World~Sedona Arizona~ Blessings

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