• *NEW* The Ankh ~ Eternal Life Amulet

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    The ANKH ~ ETERNAL LIFE AMULET is made with the finest monotonically bonded crystals on Earth. Measuring 8" high and 5" across, this is the perfect device for blessing your home, doorway or altar. Featuring Aqua Aura, Rose Gold, Angelic Quartz, 24k Gold, Copper, and Precious Stones to assist with 3rd eye development, throat chakra activation, greater awareness of dream time, and overall energetic environment. This four layer process consists of a variety of Crystals from mines all over the world, making each Ankh distinctly unique. 

    This Ankh is a symbol of Eternal Life and was heavily utilized by the gods and pharaohs of ancient Egypt. It signified wisdom and insight of the highest level and was even known as the key to all hidden knowledge. The shape is a representation of fertility- as the loop joins the line of the cross, symbolic of the man and the woman, unifying in perfect harmony to create new life. This is a great image to meditate or gaze upon, summoning the potency of it's magic.

    *SHUNGITE UPGRADE* The Shungite Upgrade will add an extra layer of Ukrainian Shungite for amplified energetic clearing.

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