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    "All Wands have Been Upgraded to Aqua Aura, Angel Quartz Lemurian Crystals, with Rose Gold and Champagne Gold. This Combination of Crystals are used to Amplify the Angelic Kingdom." No One has this Tech on Earth:) Blessings."~Rion

        ATLANTEAN HYBRID WAND- This has all the Bells and Whistles of a Galactic Hybrid Wand with the Custom Currents Created By Alexander Mazzone.  This combination of Beauty and Function Create something truly Special. Galactic Wands Creates some of the Most powerful Healing and Grid working wands on Earth. The creation of these Energy tools is 6 years in the making and had to be cleared to share with fellow energy workers. These wands are created from the finest materials available and hand carved to fit the user's preferences. All Hybrids are custom, from the selection of the Great Sequoia frame to the lemurian recorders and payson accelerators found on all our products. Much has been kept secret about these tools and for good reason. These are the Real Deal. Each Custom Hybrid takes between two and three weeks to create, and all have an added orgone fuel cell to aid in the explosive nature of our DNA. They aid in protecting and maintaing your field, communication with your higher self.  Each Hybrid now comes with a selinite core located in the grip and Rose Quartz amplifiers to increase the reach of the practitioner in the field of Healing. All Hybrids are double sided, one for maintaing dimensional awareness and communication, the other side is for healing and removing parasitic thought forms and blockages.  Each Hybrid is one of a kind, no two are the same. Rion takes pride in the fact that all Hybrids Created here at Galactic Wands will later be understood for the amazing dimensional tools they truly are. The perfect gift for anyone who seeks the path in an accelerated Fashion. 

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