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    This All New 2018 Model is specifically designed for Healing, Activating your Heart and creating Sacred Space. The 2018 Model is comprised of Next Level Alchemy and is perfect for raising the vibration of any room. Each item creates an electromagnetic shield using Shungite and Neodium Magnets which work in tandem to clear out dirty WiFi and other static disrupting your field. The Chestahedron is Powered with a 90mm BMW LED Halo Light which includes a remote control and full power supply. This addition amplifies the potency of the Crystals, thus, allowing users to create a larger energy field within their space.

    The Chestahedron represents the sacred geometry of the Human Heart. Team Light utilized this design (created by Frank Chester), but added a Lemurian Crystal substructure to the interior, magnetized the base layer and then alchemised a piezoelectric current which runs throughout the entire device. 

    Here is what Frank had to say about the Power of this amazing design:

    "This Chestahedron has 7 surfaces (consisting of 4 triangles and 3 quadrilaterals), 7 points and 12 edges. If this heptahedron is rotated around the vertical axis, it forms a bell-like external surface of a certain profile: a cone at the top connected to a hyperbolic at the bottom. Other type heptahedra, or less-faced polyhedra do not provide a bell-type figure. For this reason it is supposed that the Chestahedron in rotation is the first geometrical bell shape form ever found and therefore it is the first time the mystery behind the geometry of the bell has been solved in the history of bell making. It has been found in years of research that this geometry is the basis of the left ventricle of the human heart. The midway point between the idea of the human heart and the manifestation of the human heart. Naming the Chestahedron came from the heart being the dominant organ in the chest." ~ Learn more at www.frankchester.com

    *The New 2018 Upgrades all contain Aqua Aura and Angel Quartz Crystals which Activate an Angelic Shield. Etheric Tech is the only place on Earth with this High Frequency Combination. All Light Tools are Light Encoded and Hand Crafted in Sedona, Arizona, U.S.A.*

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