• *NEW* FLOWER OF LIFE EMF SHIELD PLATE ~ Shungite Upgrade (Large)

    $250.00 $200.00

    This *NEW* FLOWER OF LIFE EMF SHEILD Plate sizes up at 7" in diameter and was especially crafted as an EMF F-U. ;) The most powerful EMF shield to date- this "frequency roomba" will absorb any dirty electromagnetic frequencies within a 6 foot radius. With the advent of technology and the National 5G Network instillation plans, this light plate was created with THREE times the Shungite, Black Tourmaline, Jet & Iron Oxide, which allow it to maintain a magnetic resonance for ultimate assistance in transmuting harmful EMFs. Made with the finest monotonically bonded crystals on Earth- Rose Gold, and Angelic quartz are combined to create new spectrums of Light not found in any other light devices. This is done by a process which binds 24k gold molecularly to the quartz. Including Crystals and Precious Stones to assist in 3rd eye development, throat chakra activation, and greater awareness of your dreams, and energetic environment. The layers consist of a large variety of crushed Crystals from mines all over the world making each plate one of a kind. Also comprised of brass, titanium, fulgurite, and neodymium magnets.

    THE FLOWER OF LIFE EMF SHIELD Plate is great for Protecting you from WiFi and cell phone frequencies while you sleep. It is most recommended that the item be placed over or under your television, laptop, computer, WiFi Router, or Cell Phone for highest absorption. 3rd Eye Assist Tech allows its users to utilize this powerful alchemy in numerous ways. However, I strongly suggest placing this device underneath your WiFi Router to Cancel out Static in your Field. This is a one of a kind energy device which promotes overall energetic balance and casually Glows in the Dark. ;)

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