• GALACTIC SPACESHIP with Orgonite Poles ~ Full Platinum Package

    $3,333.00 $2,750.00

    The Galactic Spaceship in a "One of a Kind Ascension Chamber." Created with 24k Gold and The Highest Vibrational Crystal Matrix Planet Earth has to offer. 7 Years in the Making the 4th Generation utilizes Dual Keshe Engine Technology coupled with Three BMW 6 Series Halo LED's and Power Supplies to Ensure the Field Strength stays consistent throughout your journey. The orgonited Poles are filled with Raw Shungite and other (Propriety Ingredients) which can be explained in detail to our Clients. This Technology is one of a kind to not only create proper crystalline field generators but to allow a faster upload and download of information through the veil. These Capstones have the ability to accelerate your consciousness to a level where Higher Self Communication is a daily occurrence. Let Ascension be an easier path, perfect for bedrooms and outside meditation areas. These Pyramids are grounded into the house electrical system to assist in raising the frequency of your entire property. (grounding kit is included with your order)

    All Capstones are made Custom, I like to speak with my clients to maximize what they need to process, I will add certain crystal matrix's to assist on their individual path. This is my DHARMA here on Earth. The Golden Age has Officially Begun.

    "The New Upgrades all have Aqua Aura and Angel Quartz, Champagne Aura and Rose Gold to Activate your Angelic Shield and Accelerate you through the 9th Wave of Ascension." 

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