• HAN SOLO Locked in Orgonite ~ 24KT Gold Edition

    $333.00 $200.00

    2018 Model has all new Alchemy and if you have any questions email support@teamlight.com

    The Han Solo EMF Protector is Great for Protecting your from your phone and Laptop while you sleep. Simply place it atop or beneath your electronic device, and the Magnetic Shungite Layer will do the rest. Comprised of the Highest Alchemy available from Lightning Stones to Aqua Aura and Angel Quartz, this device is one of a kind. Hand crafted with Certified 24Kt Gold and 3rd Eye Assist Technology, allows users to utilize this device in numerous ways. I recommend placing this device underneath your Wi-Fi Router to Cancel out Static in your Field. The Han Solo is a powerful energy device promoting peace and balance and Glows in the Dark. ;) This Energetic Tool serves its Jedi's well- a perfect gift for any Star Wars fan! :) 

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