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    The Hulk is hand crafted, Light encoded and made of the highest quality crystals found on Earth. His powerful alchemy is comprised of Aqua Aura, Angelic Quartz, Fulgurite, Angel Quartz, Sodalite, Madagascar Green Opal, 24k Gold, Rhodonite, Titanium Quartz, Adventurine, Ukranian Shungite, Black Tourmaline, Iron Oxide, Brass, Titanium Oxide, Payson Diamonds, Amethyst and Selenite. Each Guardian Mask comes fully equipped with a BMW 6 Series LED Angel Halo Light (with remote and color-changing options) to Promote Greater Dynamic Range and Field Strength of the Alchemy found within. Including Crystals and Precious Stones to assist in 3rd eye development, throat chakra activation, and a greater awareness of your dreams, and energetic environment. Created to help you sleep peacefully and for anyone suffering from night terrors. Let The Hulk be your Guardian :)

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