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    The MANIFESTATION CASTLE was inspired by my own desires to create a device with the alchemy and power to help accelerate abundance. After just one year, my life is nearly unrecognizable as I AM now living out the desires with which I envoked via the Castle. So I'm stoked to be able to now share this with my Family across the Planet :)

    It also has the ability to accelerate your consciousness to a level where Communication and Co-Creation with Higher Self becomes a more regular and visceral occurrence. Each Castle is infused with 24KT Gold from Alaska for vibration and conductivity. They are roughly three times the size of the Step Pyramid Bed Sets and are most closely comprised of the same alchemy as my Pyramid Capstones. Each one consists of Aqua Aura, Angel Quartz, Champagne Aura and Rose Gold to Activate your Angelic Shield, thus shielding you from lower frequencies and thought forms causing interference with your Manifestations. The Castle creates a toroidal field and by placing the cash in the center of it, you are calling more of that to flow to you.

    Suggested Use: I recommend creating an altar area for the Castle to reside, put your cash within the center, then place a crystal of your choice on top of the cash. (Be sure the crystal is blessed and cleared). You can then say a prayer for what you wish to call in, sending gratitude and blessings whenever inspired to do so. It's a co-creation between you and the Universe so whatever you're called to do will be perfect and right for you. Perhaps writing a letter or list to pair with the cash will resonate. What's most important is holding a frequency of Abundance, being open to receiving new opportunities and ideas of ways to create more Abundance and knowing that YOU ARE DESERVING AND WORTHY OF IT. :)

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