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    The Plasma~Orgone Powered Nubian Pyramid is the culmination of 6 years of Research and hand crafted from the finest materials available. Each Nubian is 24kt Gold tipped with dual BMW 6 series Led Halos, which come with a remote to set mood and intention.The New 2018 Super Man Light Plate is made with the finest monotonically bonded crystals on Earth. Aqua Aura, Rose Gold, and Angelic quartz are combined to create new spectrums of Light not found in any other light devices. This is done by a process which binds 24kt gold molecularly to the quartz. The light it emits reminds me of the light spectrums found in 5D. Each Super Man Light Plate comes powered with a BMW 6 Series led Angel Halo Light to Promote Greater Dynamic Range and Field Strength of the Alchemy found within. Including Crystals and Precious Stones to assist in 3rd eye development, throat chakra activation, and greater awareness of your dreams, and energetic environment. The layers consist of a large variety of Crystals from mines all over the world which makes each plate one of a kind. The base layer is created with Shungite from the Ukraine, black tourmaline, Iron oxide, brass, titanium, fulgurite, and neodymium magnets.The Base layers consist of Shungite, Titanium, Neodymium, Hematite, Load stones, iron oxide, titanium dioxide for Co2 reversal and Black Tourmaline. And that's just the black layer:) The custom made Plasma drive is soaked in nano-ganz solution promoting anti-aging and nutrients for your Energy Body:) If you would like more information on this new staple in Energetics you can message me here, or email Rion@Teamlight.com more information an purchasing options can be found at www.etherictech.com :) Blessings:)

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