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    THE MILLENNIUM FALCON - This 2018 Model has been completely redesigned to Accelerate your 3rd eye and Create Sacred Space. This Magnetized Shungite enhanced Energy device is also used to clear and maintain your field. Perfect for the work place, home or area of meditation. The Millenium Falcon is Powered with a 90mm BMW LED Halo Light which includes a remote and full power supply. Powerful Alchemy consists of more than 20 types of Crystals and rare Earth Stones including; Aqua Aura, Rose Aura, Champagne Aura, and Angel Aura. Learn to train like a Jedi with the assistance of The Millenium Falcon. Any Star Wars Enthusiast is sure to approve! :)

    "Together We Raise the Frequency of Planet Earth." ~ Rion

    *The New 2018 Upgrades all contain Aqua Aura and Angel Quartz Crystals which Activate an Angelic Shield. Etheric Tech is the only place on Earth with this High Frequency Combination. All Light Tools are Proudly Hand Crafted in Sedona, Arizona, U.S.A.*

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