• VOLTRON LIGHT PLATE ~ 2018 Model ~ Angelic Shield Upgrade ~ 3rd Eye Accelerator

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    The Most Powerful and Largest Light Plate to date! Simply a one-of-a-kind Light Creation full equipped with a 132mm BMW 6 Series LED halo light, including a remote control and endless possibilities for hitting the entire light frequency spectrum. Thus, allowing you to project a crystalline Rainbow right around your energy field. The Voltron Plate will Light up any room you place it in. Light Encoded and Hand Crafted from the Finest materials available on Earth. This Creation has been 5 Years in the making and boasts over 40 different components. The entire bottom half is magnetized and woven with Titanium, 24KT Gold, and Brass filaments- maximizing the piezoelectric effect of the crushed Payson Diamonds. Welcome to the future of Meditation and Dream Time! This Light Plate is IDEAL for placing beneath WiFi routers, laptops, TV's, cell phones, etc. It will demolish any EMF's in it's nearby path.

    The New 2018 Upgrades all contain Aqua Aura and Angel Quartz Crystals to Activate an Angelic Shield. Etheric Tech is the only place on Earth with this Combination. Proudly hand-made in Sedona, Arizona, U.S.A.

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